Ian Crow

After many years experience as an engineer and musician Ian achieved a 1st Class Honours Degree in Music and a 1st Class Foundation Degree in Popular Music. In conjuction with music production as part of AMRS, he also teaches guitar, composes and performs as part of the rock band Blacktop Harrison, and works as a freelance live sound engineer.

Since the business was established in April 2004, AMRS has aimed to provide affordable quality recordings for bands, solo artists etc. Other work includes remix projects, mastering, and music for media.


Currently working with:

Ellie Billingham, Lost Revelation and
East Town Pirates


Clients include:

A Fate Untold
Alice's Evidence
Back To The Point
Bad Andy
Battle Skarz
Ben Bloom
Blacktop Harrison
Blue Bark
Chelsea Francis
Damn This Town
Bring Back Her Head
Danger's Close
Dyslexic Seven
Eden Eclipsed
East Town Pirates
Extreme Fighting Machines
Fisti Kuffs
Ghosts In The Audio
Gross Affray
Gunpowder Runner
Handsome Dead
Invisible Monsters
Inya Productions
Jacknife Horsebox
Making Eyes At Elvis
Max Hughes
Moon Street
Paper Beats Rock
Pin Money
Pip Kay
Red Flag 77
Serenity Zest
Suspect Device
Tales Told In The Dark
The Adicts
The Ballistics
The Devil Rides Out
The Danger
The Fanny Pads
The Fits
The Nova Souls
The Wah
The Zooks
Things Found In Sharks
This Sudden Injury
Tony Shevlin
Torque Armada
Welcome To Purgatory

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