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Ian Crow

Ian has decades of experience as a sound engineer/musician, and a 1st Class Honours Degree in Music/1st Class Foundation Degree in Popular Music. In conjuction with music production as part of AMRS, he also teaches guitar, performs as part of the acoustic duo Grim Tales, and works as a freelance live sound engineer.

Since establishing in 2004, AMRS has aimed to provide affordable quality recordings for bands, solo artists, podcasts, voiceovers etc. Other work includes remix projects, analogue to digital transfer, mastering, and music for media.

Currently working with: Firewild, Psychic Pimps, and Stevie Boy Blue

"By far the nicest sounding thing we've recorded."
Roki (The Ballistics)

"As the album moves forward, the best aspect is the clear and clean production..."
Special Duties - Seven Days A Week Album Review (New Noise Magazine)

"Huge thanks to Ian Crow for the stellar production and engineering work. Not to mention the backing vocals, extra guitars, keyboards, you name it! "

"These are by far the best recordings I have ever done...Ian has done a fantastic job."
Pat (Sleepercell)

"We're all happy with the final mix..You did a sterling job!."
Dan (Eden Eclipsed)

"Ian really understood our sound and then took it to a whole new level. Whist staying sympathetic to our style he managed to give us an array of ideas which has now influenced the way we approach songs and ideas.."
Stuart (Beanstalk)

"The production on the album, as always at Amblin Man Studios, is exquisite."
Beat Motel Issue #8

"Sounds spot on to me. Very pleased with the results."
Dom (Bring Back Her Head)

"…recording sounds superb even better than last time which I thought we'd struggle to top."
Omega (Zeeb)

"Chilled out, comfortable environment with coffee! I had a great time working with Ian, the man really knows his stuff"
Abby (Danger's Close)

"Ian’s calm and professional attitude help us achieve a great result for our first album"
Duncan (Blue Bark)

"Amazing bloke. Top producer. Expert sound guy. And rocks a pony tail, beard combo better than most."
Fisti Kuffs

"I'm well chuffed with it!!!"
Luke (Damn This Town)

"Listened to the recordings... really love them, you've done a sterling job"
Chris (The NovaSouls)

"We are very happy with the results of recording...we are eager to record some more"
Kev (Pin Money)

"I'm so happy with the recording I could cry...the only trouble is we will never be able to live up to it live!"
Barnie (Things Found In Sharks)

"Thanks a million for The Washouts work, the chaps are all very pleased with the outcome!"
Rich (The Washouts)

"Amblin' Man production is excellent. Ian is professional, open to ideas and knows his equipment well enough to know how to achieve them, allows your band the freedom to sound how you want to sound!"
Louis (Paper Beats Rock)

"…service is great..very professional and got us exactly the sound we were after."
Steve (The Devil Rides Out)

"We found the whole experience to be very positive and were very happy with the results."
Lee (Tales Told In The Dark)

"Amblin' Man produced the sound that we asked for (no tweak too big or small). What we were not expecting was such a relaxed yet efficient atmosphere. We'd use them again - gold medal."
Bobby (The Fits)

"F**king superb job man!"
Buzz (Power)

"The demo sounds good and it was a pleasure to work with Amblin' Man."
Joel (Making Eyes At Elvis)

"I am so happy with the recordings, its well cool, I think we sound wicked, love it. Use him, he rules."
Skuff (BAD Andy)

"We can't stop listening to the tracks, their awesome! Everybody comments on how professional they sound."
Josh (Stratosfire)

"Just listened to them all now, seriously SO good...dead impressed and chuffed with them!!!...can't believe how good you've made us sound!"
Luke (This Sudden Injury)

"I'm so f**king happy mate...they sound amazing. This is exactly how I wanted it in my head...I want to show them to the world!"
Dave (A Fate Untold)

Clients include:

A Fate Untold
Alice's Evidence
Back To The Point
Bad Andy
Ben Bloom
Blacktop Harrison
Blue Bark
Blue Monday Podcasts
Bring Back Her Head
Chelsea Francis
Charlie Brown
Damn This Town
Danger's Close
Dogtown Rebels
Dyslexic Seven
Eden Eclipsed
East Town Pirates
Ellie Billington
Extreme Fighting Machines
Ghosts In The Audio
Grim Tales
Gross Affray
Gunpowder Runner
Handsome Dead
Invisible Monsters
Inya Productions
Jacknife Horsebox
Lost Revelation
Making Eyes At Elvis
Max Hughes
Moon Street
Paper Beats Rock
Phil Jackson
Pin Money
Pip Kay
Red Flag 77
Serenity Zest
Shane Kirk
Shane Richie
Special Duties
Suns Of Icarus
Suspect Device
Tales Told In The Dark
The Adicts
The Ballistics
The Broken Maps
The Devil Rides Out
The Danger
The Fanny Pads
The Future Has Beens
The Fits
The Greenleaf Fires
The Nova Souls
The Wah
The Zooks
Things Found In Sharks
This Sudden Injury
Tony Shevlin
Torque Armada
Welcome To Purgatory

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